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Day 7–June 23–Bus Tour of the Highlands

I got breakfast early and walked across the street to the Rabbie’s bus tour office for an all-day tour of the Highlands. It turned out that I was the only native English speaker on the tour and the only lone traveler; the bus driver asked me to sit in the jump seat. It has a great view, but is uncomfortable. It was worth it.

Along the way, the driver pointed out the valley where portions of Skyfall were filmed, the castle where Monty Python and the Holy Grail was filmed, the mountainside where the Buckbeak execution was filmed in Harry Potter and the Sourcerer’s Stone, and the house used for the Monarch of the Glen TV series. I do not know if anyone else understood the cultural references.

The Highlands are quite beautiful. I have seen a lot of glacial geology, but none that was so green.

We had dinner at an Italian place in a district recommended by the Toastmasters pub group. It was one of the better Italian meals I have had.

The first rest stop on the trip was at a loch where two women were doing an open water training swim. The air temperature was quite cold; I can only imagine the water temperature.
Loch Ness and Highlands Tour--Whose Shoes?
The Scottish Highlands are beautiful and have a great deal of history. This stop was at the location of the Massacre of Glencoe.
Loch Ness and Highlands Tour--Site of Glencoe Massacre
There are three bridges across the Firth of Fourth at Edinburgh; the old bridge constructed in the Victorian era, the new bridge constructed in the 1960s, and the newest bridge which is largely finished but which will not take traffic for another few months.
Loch Ness and Highlands Tour--Old Firth Bridge