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Bruce's Do Over Week 6+--Scanning Treasure

My digital archiving project took a leap forward, as I visited the sister who has all the family archive.  We spent two days scanning more or less full time and got through about 5%, or maybe less.  We found a letter written by my great grandfather around the turn of the last century telling one of his daughters to come home from Mexico, where she was visiting a cousin.  The was a postcard from my great, great grandmother to her daughter-in-law on the death of my great grandfather.  There was the midcentury equivalent of a text message--a telegram from my father telling his mother that he had defended his dissertation and turned in the final copies.  My sister realized that she had not seen everything.

We discovered some obituaries that gave us some new information.

We also discovered that the library we had donated some photographs had cataloged them under the wrong "W. E. Moore" to their significant embarrassment.